About us

Foto: Ari Luostarinen We are passionate about what we do!

Miljonbemanning started with the ambition to make society a better place. We create the opportunities for people and companies to grow. We are a comprehensive supplier in competence provision.

Our work is based on our core values:

  • Passion
  • Transparency
  • Quality

The employee in focus!

It is our employees who have taken us to where we are today and it is our employees who will lead us into the future. We place great emphasis on finding people who not only share our company culture, but who through their personality, also reinforce it. At Miljonbemanning, it is of utmost importance that everyone who works with us enjoys and has fun at work!

About Us

Our vision is simple yet powerful – the future is here and now. What sets us apart is our ability to see the full potential of every individual, regardless of their background or past experiences. With us, ambition and competence are what matter – not a person's history. By prioritizing potential and competence, diversity becomes a natural outcome for us. Our intercultural understanding, extensive network of competencies, and innovative approaches uniquely position us in the industry. We create the opportunities, you seize them.

Brief History

Saleh, Shafik, and Ali, raised in Alby during the 90s, witnessed people around them struggling to find jobs despite having the right skills. Debates about high unemployment and a shortage of qualified workforce were common. They experienced a noticeable imbalance in the job market and decided to take action. This marked the beginning of Miljonbemanning.

Photo: Ari Luostarinen

Miljonbemanning was founded with the goal of reducing the skills gap in the job market. By focusing on competence and ambition, rather than background, Miljonbemanning strives to create an inclusive and unbiased job market where everyone is given equal opportunities.

Today, Miljonbemanning continues to persevere with this vision, driven by passion and commitment. For us, it's not just about filling a gap in the job market but also about creating positive change in society by providing individuals, businesses, and the community the opportunity to grow and develop.

Over the years, Miljonbemanning's work has been recognized by both the media and the business community. The company has received several awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Pioneer of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm, the Giraffe Prize, and Business Achievement of the Year. These awards attest to Miljonbemanning's dedication and success in shaping a better future.

Our Offerings

Miljonbemanning operates in four business areas:

  • MB Work: We offer data-driven recruitment and staffing, where competence and the client's needs take center stage. Our extensive competency network and intercultural understanding ensure high accuracy in our recruitment processes.
  • MB Restart: This area creates conditions for individuals to adapt and find their place in the job market. Our focus is on matching individual skills development with the needs of the job market.
  • MB Management: Management provides businesses with competence-enhancing interventions. We help leaders and organizations successfully incorporate diversity into their work, contributing to increased productivity and innovation.
  • MB Society: Our work in MB Society focuses on social sustainability, aligning with the global goal of decent working conditions and economic growth. We develop insight reports and methods for successful workplace integration, building a competency community for collaboration and knowledge exchange between businesses, organizations, authorities, and talents.