Our history

One million homes in 10 years". That was the vision behind the Million Programme that started in Sweden in the early 60s. Fittja, Alby, Hallunda and Norsborg in Norra Botkyrka were built within that program. Saleh, Ali and Shafik grew up in Alby during the 90s. They saw how people around them struggled to find jobs, despite their skills. They saw parents and other adults with college degrees and experience in advanced professions working in tollbooths in the metro or cleaning. Or not at all.

It was the starting point for Miljonbemanning. To build a company that will create the conditions for others to get the opportunities they deserve.

Saleh, Ali and Shafik registered their company. It had to be a trading company because they had no capital. During the last step of the registration process, it came to a stop. There was a fee of 900 SEK to register a company. They canceled the registration process and decided that each of them would come up with 300 SEK for the next day.

After that they were up and running! At first they experienced many challenges. They had the drive and the vision but no experience. No references. And no office. Meetings were held in public places, and they continued the work alongside their other jobs and studies. The big turning point came after two years. A call for what would become their biggest customer at the time: "Can you arrange 25 warehouse workers for tomorrow?" "Of course", was the answer. But of course it wasn't as easy as that.

Shafik, Ali and Saleh worked that entire day and that night contacting everyone in their network, conducting interview after interview after interview and signing people who could do the job. The 25th and last person signed their contract an hour before it was time to start the shift at the warehouse.

Today, Miljonbemanning continues to drive this vision with passion and commitment. For Miljonbemanning, it is not just about filling a gap in the labor market, but about creating positive change in society by giving people, companies and society the opportunity to grow. Ali, Shafik and Saleh remain in the company and they are still passionate about the same thing: opening doors for others.