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August 16, 2023

Miljonbemanning in new partnership with ISS Sverige

Miljonbemanning has announced its new partnership with ISS Sweden, a leading company in facility services with over 6000 employees and more than 100 nationalities in Sweden. This collaboration is part of Miljonbemanning's initiative within the new business area MB Management, which focuses on strategic executive advisory and leadership development in the areas of diversity, gender equality, and inclusion.

ISS consistently and diligently works towards developing and improving safe and inclusive workplaces that ultimately benefit not only employees, organizations, and customers, but also society at large. As part of ISS's global strategy, the company strives to become "The Company of Belonging," creating environments where all employees feel secure in being themselves.

The collaboration with Miljonbemanning involves ISS assisting job seekers in entering the job market through Arbetsförmedlingen's service Rusta och Matcha. In addition, a pilot program has been completed in the spring of 2023, where a group of managers within ISS underwent a values-based leadership program with a focus on diversity inclusion.

The four-week program is based on a scientific foundation and proven methods to develop leaders' ability to take conscious steps towards breaking barriers for individuals and groups at risk of exclusion from organizational participation and social community. Among other things, the program includes components related to inclusive leadership, unconscious biases, and unspoken stereotypes. Within the program, managers have strengthened their skills in identifying exclusionary behavioral patterns and how to practically utilize the tools.

We are currently evaluating the pilot to determine how we can continue the program after the summer, says Malin Stengårds.

About ISS:

ISS is the people behind the world's best places – places that function, inspire, and provide. In Sweden, we have over 6,000 employees and are present throughout the country. We contribute to creating well-being and engagement, reducing environmental impact, and maintaining properties. We achieve this by combining data, insights, and excellent service in offices, industrial premises, hospitals, and other locations worldwide. Globally, we have approximately 350,000 employees.


About Miljonbemanning:

Our vision is simple – the future is now! What distinguishes us is our ability to see people's full potential regardless of their background or history. It's people's ambition and competence – not background – that enables development. By focusing on people's potential and competence, diversity becomes a meaningful certainty. Our intercultural understanding, broad competence network, and innovative approach make us unique in competence supply and development in the job market. We create the conditions, you get the opportunities.