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September 22, 2022

New Head of Business Area - Staffing

Abdullahi Mohamed has been appointed as the new head of the Business Area - Staffing. Abdullahi has a background in business economics and has worked extensively in B2B environments with a focus on personnel, leadership, customer relations, and staff leasing. He brings substantial experience in staffing and consulting, complementing the operations of various companies.

A significant factor in my decision to join Miljonbemanning was the alignment of the company's vision with my own views on competence supply, says Abdullahi. There's a significant shortage of skills in the Swedish labor market, and while many consider international recruitment as a solution, we clearly see that there's a wealth of untapped competence here in Sweden. As partners to our clients, we aim to harness that competence. I'm excited to have the opportunity to further develop Miljonbemanning's ongoing work in staff leasing and competence supply.

Abdullahi has a strong track record in personnel and business development. Previously, he served as the Sweden CEO for Gorm Larsen Nordic, and before that, he was the Nordic Customer Service Manager at Coty. He has also been involved in his own business ventures.

We warmly welcome Abdullahi to Miljonbemanning and look forward to having him on board for our exciting growth journey ahead.